Boys & Girls Club of South Logan County

Boys & Girls Club As an additional commitment to the educational success of our youth, business and community leaders, in conjunction with the public schools, launched a Boys & Girls Club.
The Boys & Girls Club of South Logan County opened it's doors in June of 2001 with a membership goal of 250 youth and an expected daily attendance of 40 by the year's end. By the fall of 2001, the membership had topped 350 and approximately 60 youth were attending per day.
Today, the enrollment is over 600 youth, with a daily attendance of 110 to 140 youth. These youth are able to participate in arts & crafts, games & activities in the gym as well as having access to a full computer lab.
In addition to these standard programs, youth are also able to participate in enhanced programs, such as "Power Hour", which is a structured homework time.